Dance Music Champions Daniel Sevelt and Jonathan Santarelli join forces in Magic Land, a unique record label and experiential company. Wanting to distill everything they loved about the scene, Sevelt & Santarelli most ambitious adventure is Magic Land, a full-on nightlife concept, encompassing a custom mobile soundsystem, state of the art audio visual technology, and a boutique record label. Magic Land seeks to capture the underground spirit, sense of community and transformative moments of dance music at its most deeply immersive. 

Magic Land is a concept that lives in the hearts of every dancer who was ever in the underground and swept away by a party. A place where everything responds to the desires of the dancers and wishes of the performers. Pounding sound that filled the room with its power,  lights that danced with the music, video that illustrated the story the performers were telling. Magic Land isn't one place: it's wherever all these elements come together.

Magic Land Entertainment takes 20 years of its founding members passion, study, practice, events, production and puts it to work creating larger than life experiences. With a video podcast, documentary series and DJ live stream, we dive even deeper into this world with DJ’s, Producers and Industry Professionals that create what we love so much.